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The Brahma Puran considers the occasion of Shraad very significant. The Puran holds the idea that the Lord of Death, "Yamraj" liberate all the souls on the day of Shraad to go and eat the food made by their children. Those children who do not do Shraad, angry their forefathers returning to their world without eating food. Those children suffer from Pitra Dosh. Shraad comes on the eve of Krishna Paksha of Ashvin month. Sudden immature death points us to Pitra Dosh. One must consider some examples from our area only.

Very significant to reduce the effects of Pitra Dosh. One must do Shraad to get blessings fron the ancestors. At times, Re-births takes place when the souls does not rest in peace and we have to clear the debts of our forefathers. The person having Pitra Dosh must avoid doing the following things during Pitra Paksha shraad.

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What is Pitra Dosha in Horoscope ?

Year Success: We will call you soon. No Yes. Home Pitra dosha. AM PM. Do you want to speak to our Astrologer? What is Pitra Dosh The word itself decode its meaning that is, Pitra — forefathers. General Traits of Pitra Dosh One can have a dream of ancestors asking you for food or clothes.

If the person or any other family member see dreams related to snakes hint towards Pitra dosh. Either later or from the day of the birth. Un-favorable environment and arguments on small things with life-partner. Sometimes one is not able to marry at the correct time. Delay in marriage. The person face financial and physical problems due to continuous sickness.

The person is having Pitra Dosh, if he is not able to achieve success in any work he starts. Continuous scarcity and financial problems. If the person or any other family member see dreams related to snakes hint towards this dosha. Give respect your father and other senior members of family and take their blessings to strengthen the position of Sun. Stand on a mat and look at the Sun during Sunrise, chant Gayatri Mantra to strengthen the position of Sun in your horoscope.

Wearing ruby could increase the strength of the Sun, but it depends on the position of Sun in the horoscope. Pitra dosha calculator: Pitra dosha calculator will check based horoscope online with your date of birth detail. Enter your date of birth get the instant report. Skip to content Please fill all the fields with valid data.

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Full name. Select Country. Gender Male Female. There are basically three types of Pitra Dosha Pithru Dosham. Failure to look after the aged peoples and leaving them to fend for themselves. Pitra dosha effects: 1.

Get rid of Pitra Dosha, do astrological remedies. #Acharya Anuj Jain

It could delay the marriage. It could scuttle the successful married life.

Pitra Dosha: Symptoms, Effects, Remedies & More! - Jothishi

There could be unsuccessful or failed marriage in the same family. There could be more number of bachelors in the same family.


It could forbid the conceiving of the children. It could lead to miscarriages during the conceiving. There could be physically and mentally disabled person. There could be unnatural deaths. There could be robbery, fire or accidents in the house.